10 Love Novels For Winter Days

There is nothing better than a winter afternoon spent with a good love novel!

We have selected these 10 titles that will warm your heart during the winter days.

10. Kleli Avi, I’m here

When everyone thought there was no going back for her, a miracle happened. A miracle of love.

I’ve been alone for twenty weeks, and I’ve only been aware of it for six weeks. It seems to me, however, that it lasts an eternity. Maybe it would pass faster if I slept more, if my thoughts were disconnected. But I don’t like sleeping.

Elsa is in a coma after an accident while climbing. For five weeks. Since all hopes of waking up are gone, her family and doctors have to face the devastating fact that it may be time to take her off the life support machine… They don’t realize that Elsa has partially regained consciousness in the past few weeks; she knows where she is and can hear everyone around her, but she doesn’t know how to show it to them.

Thibaut is in the same hospital visiting his brother, a drunk driver who is responsible for the deaths of two girls. While thinking about his fate, he looks for a place to isolate himself and enters Elsa’s room. Watching her lie still there, he finds it hard to believe that she is just sleeping.

Thibaut starts visiting Elsa regularly. Her family and friends tell him about Elsa and he grows a sense of connection with her. And when he speaks to her, he can’t help but get the impression that she hears every word…

For Elsa, his visits are like a breath of fresh air. There is finally someone who talks to her as if she is present. When she laughs. Who gives her a reason to fight … Because Thibaut sees something that the others don’t see anymore: Elsa is still there.

“Like the miraculous combination of the novel The Stars and Fairy Tales of the Sleeping Beauty are to blame. An amazing love story. ”Elle

9. Desa Muk, Panic

“I am thirty-eight years old. And for at least ten years, no man has looked at me like that … “

“I am like a cave. Everything is empty. I’m tired… And then I thought something: if I was in love, my life would at least have some meaning. He would no longer be so bland and washed away. I’m sure my energy would return. I remember what it was like when I was still in love with Rudi. I could study, work through youth, go out. I did everything with such ease and joy. I miss that feeling. I would love to fall in love just one more time. Well, my life can’t end right now! “

Tamara said:

“You’re looking for the devil!”
And that’s how it all started.

Nurse Vera is approaching her forties and she is starting to panic that the best in life has already passed. Her husband is boring, his daughter doesn’t listen to her, work has been reduced to routine… no excitement in sight. On top of all that, the psychic reveals to her that there is a man who thinks about her, but does not dare to approach her. Vera begins to believe that only love is the way out of this unbearable situation and decides to step out of the well-established paths of married life. But on the way to her own awakening, she has to overcome new complications…

Desa Muk, the most widely read Slovenian writer, actress and TV presenter, brings a modern story about the search for happiness in her novel Panic, in which laughter and tears change unexpectedly quickly. According to this novel, the Television of Slovenia made a film of the same name in 2012.

8. Sophie Goldberg, Moon over Istanbul

A fascinating journey of a woman who left everything to find her place in the world.

A chest that sailed across the ocean.
The woman who left everything.
An unknown and enigmatic land.
A story passed down from generation to generation.
Culinary journey through time and culture.
A portrait of Istanbul etched in memory.
A novel about tradition, feelings and tastes.

Ventura, a beautiful and young Sephartic woman, loved her world. Her Istanbul filled her with colors, smells, sounds, tastes, a sense of belonging, love, the waters of the Bosphorus, the domes of mosques. But she accepted her destiny and agreed to travel to Mexico, where she married the man her parents had chosen for her.

With a chest in which only a few things were packed, and with the hope that he will be able to face the unknown, he will set off on a surprising journey and start a new life away from home. There, he will meet many exotic aromas for the first time, he will also get to know Mexican volcanoes and lakes, and discover the ancient capitals of Capultepec and Sojimilko.

Each of these events she experiences intensely and spices her days with the richness of smells, tastes, colors and proverbs that she brought with her from the distant Orient. Although she is creating a family and a new life in that unusual country, she is not able to forget the moonlight over Istanbul.

7. Kate Eberlen, I’m waiting for you

“Perfectly magical, enchanting, touching, this novel is at the same time wonderfully romantic, and yet true to life.” Kate Moss

Gas and Tess were destined to be together. It’s just that they haven’t met properly yet. And maybe never…

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, reads the message on a plate in the kitchen at home, and Tess can’t get it out of her mind even while she’s in Florence, on her last idyllic summer vacation before going to college. Her life will change forever – but not in the way she expects.

Gas and his parents are also in Florence. Their lives have already changed, unexpectedly and tragically. Gas tries to be an obedient son, but longs to break away from them and reveal what kind of man he will become.

For one day, the paths will cross for an eighteen-year-old girl and an eighteen-year-old boy, before they both return to England.

In the next sixteen years, life and love will present them with very different challenges. Separated by distance and destiny, the two of them will never and never be able to get to know each other properly… or maybe they will?

“If once the two were ‘judged’ of each other, it was Tess and Gus. This is an extremely witty, touching and stimulating story about two lives that intersect over the years, constantly passing by a hair… I couldn’t let go of her. “Sophie Kinsella

“The ranks are full of immense satisfaction. Comparisons with the wonderful book One Day by David Nichols are well deserved (which we don’t just say). This is commercial prose of the highest order. ”Bookseler

6. Samantha Veran, Seven Letters from Paris

Twenty years, seven letters and one long-lost love, but above all, this is one of the most charming love stories ever told.

Twenty years after their first meeting, Samantha finally found the love of her life. A true story that will restore your faith in the power of true love and instill hope that miracles happen!

Samantha Veran was nineteen when she met the handsome French scientist Jean-Luc on a short trip to Paris. They spent a day walking the streets of a romantic city together, and when she returned home, he sent her seven wonderful love letters. But she never answered him.

Twenty years later, on the verge of divorce, wondering at what point her life went wrong, Samantha finds old Jean-Luc letters. He tracks him down on the internet and writes him a long letter of apology. He soon realizes that the bond they created is still as strong and special as it was on the old day when they broke up at the Paris train station.

Samantha knows that it is insane to run on the first overseas flight in order to meet a man with whom she spent only one beautiful, sunny and enchanting day, but maybe that is the madness she has been waiting for all her life…

The Seven Letters from Paris is a real-life fairy tale. It is a story about a sexy, passionate, stormy romance that was worth waiting for twenty years. Samantha Veran shows us the importance of giving a second chance and what it means to follow your heart, but she also reminds us of the power that ancient writing of love letters can have.

5. Victoria Kelly, Mrs. Houdini

A wonderfully designed novel about the passionate relationship between Harry and Bes Houdini – a love that defied death.

Before the famous illusionist Harry Houdini died, he vowed that even after his death he would find a way to talk to his wife Bes with the help of coded clues that only the two of them would recognize. When Widow Bess starts discovering messages in seemingly impossible places, it becomes obvious that Harry wants to convey something important. Solving the riddle of Rage will revive their former love, which will take her from the beaches on Coney Island through the palaces of Budapest to the studios in Hollywood. When the road finally brings her to the threshold of a mysterious young photographer, she realizes that her husband’s magic could be more than an illusion.

Thanks to surprising twists in the story we have been following since the early twentieth century and in the great twenties, Ms. Houdini is an exciting story that will take you to the heart of one of the greatest love stories in history – asking what drives people to believe in something greater. and from themselves – and reveals the greatest feat of this famous magician.

“Going beyond the framework of a novelized biography, the author gives us a lyrically rich and intriguing story with twists that are incredible, inventive, enchanting like Houdini’s illusions themselves.” Publishers Weekley

4. Olivia Ardi, Give me Paris

The Lady Award 2013 for the best contemporary love novel.

Yolanda has a special ability to bring happiness to everyone except herself. She works at a school for hearing-impaired children and dreams of traveling to Paris to fill in the gaps in her family’s past, which her mother has been avoiding for years. When he finally arrives in the city of love, the guy leaves her in the apartment he rented for the weekend. Fortunately, Patrick, the very handsome owner of the apartment, will offer her accommodation, with the help of him in return for the short film that his production company is making about that magical city. He asks her to give him Paris with his five senses, and Yolanda, as she walks its streets, discovers that the two things her father left her as a legacy – a love of French and knowledge of sign language – were not accidental.

Because of the strong attraction she feels towards Patrick, the fun and silly neighbors from Sorbia Street and someone very special, who will suddenly enter her life, returning to Valencia will be much harder for her than she thought.

Visit the magical Paris of Amelia Poulenc, let her seduce you with her charm like Sabrina, indulge in love magic like in the movie Before Dusk. Discover Paris like you’ve never seen in Olivia Ardi’s novel!

3. Alisa Palombo, Violinist from Venice

“A wonderful story of great love with which the author depicts Vivaldi’s life in this bittersweet story.” Kirkus Reviews

Like almost all eighteenth-century Venetians, Adriana d’Amato adores music, but her strict father, a merchant, forbids her to nurture her gift for playing the violin. But she does not allow that to stop her from realizing her dreams, so under the cover of night she sneaks out of the family palace to take violin lessons from the virtuoso violinist and composer Antonio Vivaldi. What begins as a secret teaching, however, soon grows into a passionate love affair.

Adriana’s father is determined to marry a rich and respectable Venetian nobleman – and a beautiful, irresistible suitor appears, when, she is aware, she could fall in love, but that does not simplify her position. Vivaldi, on the other hand, is a priest, so their relationship is forbidden by the church and society. They both know that their relationship will end after her marriage, but Adriana cannot predict the events that will force Vivaldi to choose between her and his music.

The Violinist from Venice, a novel that covers more than thirty years of Adriana’s life, is a story about passion, music, ambition and finding the strength to fall in love and continue living when love ends.

“This extensive novel about the life of composer Antonio Vivaldi takes the reader into the world of beautiful melodies and forbidden passions. The reader almost hears sweet tones as he reads about passionate and tragic lovers. Those who love music and history on these pages will find what they crave. ”Romantic Times

“Enchanting … A brilliant romance story that must be read!” Historical Novel Society

2. Mark Levy, She and He

“She and he – it’s Notting Hill, but in Montmartre.” La Libre Belgique

They were connected by one dating site.
They did not become lovers, but friends.
And they hope it will stay that way…

She is an actress. He is a writer.
She’s Mia. He’s Paul.
She is English. He’s American.
She is hiding in Montmartre. He’s in Mare.
She is very successful. Not so much.
She is a star. He doesn’t know that.
She is lonely. He makes her laugh.
She must not fall in love. Neither are he.

Mark Levy, the author of the most widely read contemporary French novels in the world, presents us with an irresistible story about a famous actress who is hiding in Paris and a writer who is looking for inspiration. They knew their relationship would be complicated. Can their friendship grow into something more than that in the City of Light?

This romantic comedy is also a novel about the loneliness of the urban generation. As the author himself says, we are lonely because we fail to get rid of our own armor, the image we create of ourselves.

“In the background of this romantic comedy, Levi presents us with a wonderful gallery of characters and mocks the film industry and publishing. No, Mark Levy is not Hemingway, nor has he ever claimed that, but he certainly knows how to tell a good story and make thousands of readers happy. ”Le Figaro

1. Elizabeth Benavent, In Valeria’s place

Sex and the city the Madrid way.

Surrender to the phenomenon of Valeria!
You will fall in love!

Valeria is a love story writer.
Valeria experiences love in a sublime way.
Valeria has three friends: Nereu, Carmen and Lola.
Valeria lives in Madrid.
Valeria loves Adrian until she meets Victor.
Valeria needs to be honest with herself.
Valerija is crying, Valerija is laughing, Valerija is moving …
However, sex, love and men are not easy goals.
Valeria is special.
Like you.

The novel In Valeria’s Place was independently published on Amazon and soon reached the top of the list of best-selling fiction. Very entertaining, emotional and sensual, the series Valerija manages to win over readers who fell in love with the works of Federico Moća and who now want more.

“A fun, sensual, tender story about the possibilities of discovering love and dreaming of the life each of us deserves.” AR

“This is a literary phenomenon!” Fresh, passionate, addictive … it has everything. ”Inés y sus libros

“This book is a big, pleasant surprise. It reads fast and makes you want to read more. ”Cazadoras del romance

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